Keller: 2015 Annual Report Identifies Areas with Most Accidents

The 2015 Annual Report in Keller identified the the top spots for crashes in the city last year, and some say drivers continuing to break the law at one of these places is a contributing factor.

The number of wrecks year to year in Keller is up only slightly.  

In fact, it's only up by one from 250 to 251, according to a 2015 annual report.

The report also identified the areas in the city where the most crashes occurred.

Topping the list is Main Street (377) and Keller Parkway (1709) area with 14 crashes last year.

Second is Keller Parkway (1709) and Rufe Snow Drive with 13 wrecks.

Third, is the 100 block of North Tarrant Parkway.  It's where Andrea Avalos was in an accident in November.

"I was heading out to Albertsons just to grab something for dinner and was heading right down Tarrant, right next to Home Depot, and you know traffic was letting somebody in. And you know, hopefully they would make a right turn, but this person was making a left and I just saw them way too late, It was too fast and I ended up hitting them - there was no avoiding it," Avalos said. 

Avalos, who lives nearby, says people regularly post about accidents on neighborhood forums, and she has heard others from her yard.

"I have heard impact outside," Avalos said. "I can hear that there's an accident over here nearby, shortly followed by sirens. Unfortunately, it seems it's kind of the norm."

What happened during her accident is the very reason the city placed 'right turn only' signs at all exits from a nearby shopping center turning into the 100 block of North Tarrant Parkway more than a year ago.

A city spokesperson says the other intersections are highly trafficked areas in the city.  

The intersection area surrounding Keller Parkway and Main Street was under construction during 2015, and a city spokeswoman tells NBC 5 the project allowed for more capacity. So, they hope the number of accidents recorded there this year drops.

And, the number two spot, surrounded by fast food restaurants and grocery stores, also draws a lot of traffic.

"Stop the texting, don’t be in such a hurry, watch around you, it’s very busy here," said Renee Thorsen. "I mean, Keller is booming. It’s a beautiful place to live, but everybody wants to get to where they are going super fast."

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