North Texas

Keeping Christmas Trees Fresh Longer

Real Christmas trees seem to be rebounding in popularity in North Texas.

“We’ve had so many people come up and say, ‘We’ve had an artificial tree for 10 years and we just decided we want a real tree,’” Flower Mound Christmas Trees owner Jan Balekain said.

The challenge for those families is finding ways to keep their Christmas trees healthy and hydrated.

“The key to anything, keeping it alive is just water,” Balekain said.

The internet is filled with ideas and home remedies promising to prolong the tree. From putting a penny in the water to adding vodka, there are no lack of ideas.

“Aspirin, sugar, syrup anything like that. The problem with adding anything other than water or something with a preservative in it is that it actually covers the bottom of the tree,” Balekain warned.

Where trees are placed in the home and what is put on them could also cause the tree to die faster.

“If you put it in a draft or underneath a vent or if you have the old fashioned lights on it that heat up,” Balekain said.

When picking out a Christmas tree, a family can use the branches to test the health and freshness of the tree.

“Tie a knot in it. If that limb does not break off, that is still a fresh tree,” Balkain said.

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