Kauffman Leadership Academy to Close Doors, Texas Education Agency Revokes Charter

A meeting was held on Wednesday at the school to discuss the closure

Kauffman Leadership Academy

The only public charter school in Johnson County will close its doors on Friday.

According to a report by the Cleburne Times-Review, the Texas Education Agency revoked Kauffman Leadership Academy's charter due to financial issues.

The school first opened in August 2016 with 91 students and 14 teachers, the Times-Review reported.

According to the Times-Review, Superintendent and CEO Theresa Kauffman said the school was headed in the right direction after completing its first semester.

In September 2016, while the school was waiting for the TEA to award a start-up grant to pay teachers' salaries and purchase equipment for science labs and physical education classes, the school secured a line of credit through Frost Bank, allowing the school to stay open until state funding dollars arrived later, the Times-Review reported.

The academy also offered a homeschool program for students before they received their charter.

The Times-Review reports that the academy received a "Substandard Achievement" rating when the Texas Education Agency released its final financial accountability ratings in November 2019. The ratings are based on annual financial reports provided to TEA by districts and charters.

In August 2019, the academy also received a grade of F for "improvement required" after the TEA released the state accountability ratings for the year prior, the Times-Review reported.

According to the Times-Review, Kauffman Leadership Academy will offer the homeschool program to students who wish to stay at the campus. Some teachers will stay at the campus to help with the program, and the others will be paid for the rest of the month and be released from their contracts.

A meeting about the academy's closure was held at the school at 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

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