Former Katrina Evacuee Turns Nightmare Into Dream

A woman lost everything in Hurricane Katrina seven years ago and started over in North Texas

A Coppell family who moved to North Texas when Hurricane Katrina hit is now providing a safe haven for relatives affected by Hurricane Isaac.

As the storm bears down on her hometown of New Orleans, Antoinette Lafayette can't help but think of the journey that brought her to the Dallas area.

"It's bittersweet," she said. "I'm happy to be here in Dallas, but I'll never forget the experience I went through with Hurricane Katrina."

Lafayette's home was devastated by Katrina. She and her family came to Dallas with only three days' worth of clothes.

"I'm a woman who lost everything, but I'm also a woman who is a fighter, so I picked myself up and am here now," she said in the kitchen of her new business, Pink Frosting Cupcakes.

The wife and mother of two said baking has always been in her blood, but she recently went back to college to earn her degree.

Two months ago, she opened her cupcake shop in Coppell.

"I don't think any of this would have ever come about, ironically, if it hadn't been for Hurricane Katrina," she said.

While Coppell is now home for Lafayette, she said her heart will always be in New Orleans.

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