‘K2 Is Killing Our Community': Drug Problem Spreading In Dallas

The drug K2 has hit downtown Dallas hard, and it is quickly making its way into communities across southern Dallas.

According to recent reports from the Dallas City Council, in 2017, overdose cases have gone up. In the last 10 months there have been 228 arrests associated with K2.

There have been three major undercover busts in 2017 related to K2. The hardest hit areas downtown are near homeless shelters, or the West End train station.

Now, the problem is pushing south.

Caught in between the drugs are families in the Kessler Heights neighborhood.

“We see young men passed out. Some of them look dead,” said Pat Ford, president of the Kessler Heights Neighborhood Association. “The children in this community have to see this as they are walking to and from school. I don’t want this to be the norm for them, because this is not OK. This is not how life should be,” said Ford.

The synthetic drug can cause users to behave like zombies or become agitated and aggressive. K2 can lead to heart attacks. The City of Dallas, Dallas Police Department, and Dallas Fire-Rescue have an action plan to help combat the epidemic.

“I’m zero tolerance,” said Councilman Dwaine Caraway, who represents District 4. “People elected me to make a difference and to make a change. Therefore I have to do things out of the box. That will make some people mad, but I have to complete my mission by keeping people safe, happy, vibrant, and able to raise families."

Caraway has proposed to track smoke shops in the area, create education drug abuse programs and track down people who are importing chemicals in large supply that are used to make the drug K2.

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