Just What Is Mom Worth?

You may need to get more than a card and flowers this year

Ever wonder just what mom is worth?

According to Salary.com, stay-at-home mothers in Dallas would earn an average of $112,337 per year for their efforts if they were paid a salary for their work.

Does your mom work outside of the home? A working mother would earn an average of $66,633 on top of what she already makes at her 9-5 job for the task performed at home.

Salary.com used an interactive tool to poll mothers, asking them to identify which tasks they spent the most time doing.  They then calculated the earning power by comparing the national base pay for those jobs.

From that data, they learned stay-at-home mothers work an average of 94.7 hours per week while a working mother puts in 57.9 hours per week at home.

Want to know what your mom is worth per year?  Use the Mom Salary Wizard to find out.  Be warned, you may learn that you need to pick up more than a Mother's Day card and flowers this year.

Dads, you haven't been forgotten.  You can figure out your worth for work done at home also, just go here.

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