Mansfield community gathers for Juneteenth shooting victim's funeral

Lyndsey Vicknair was fatally killed while attending a celebration in the Austin-area

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Family and loved ones came together to honor the life of Lyndsey Vicknair, and say their final goodbyes on Saturday at the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Mansfield.

Vicknair, who was fatally shot during a Juneteenth celebration in Round Rock last weekend, was a Mansfield native.

“We are not here because Lyndsey died, we’re here because Lyndsey lived," said one church member who began the funeral service on Saturday.

Loved ones talked about that life, saying the 33-year-old was an attentive wife, and mother to three young children: Kenzi, 7, Kairo, 4, and Kya, 1.

“Kenzi, Kairo, and Kya knew the meaning of integrity, even at their young ages, because it was modeled and instilled in them. Lyndsey showed them what love is, what God’s love is," said Kevin Vicknair, Sr., her father-in-law.

“I cannot imagine a more caring, wonderful, loving mother to my grandkids," he added.

Vicknair, Sr., said his daughter-in-law brought the best out of his son.

“Lyndsey the wife. Lyndsey the wife. This is where Lyndsey had to utilize all of the tools in her toolbox," Vicknair, Sr., joked.

Vicknair's close friend, Gloria Glover, said Vicknair was a selfless friend who helped her through law school, the Bar exam, and early motherhood.

“Lyndsey said, ‘My lease is almost up. I just signed a lease in your apartment, so I’m just going to walk across the breezeway so that you can take a nap and take a shower," Glover recalled.

“It was Lyndsey and her mother who took care of my child for three days while I took the Bar, and finally passed," she added.

Vicknair was an active attorney involved in several associations, including the Austin Young Lawyers Association, Austin Bar Association, and the African American Lawyers section of the State Bar of Texas.

However, loved ones said she always made time for her community, organizing fundraisers and food drives, and instilling the love of service in her children.

Pastor Michael Evans, Senior, remembered a phone call from Vicknair shortly before her daughter's birthday.

"I need to teach Kenzi a lesson, I want to make sure that she grows to be a person that gives... Therefore, on her birthday, I want her giving gifts, as opposed to receiving them. So, help me to know what the food pantry needs, help me to know what somebody in the community needs, and me and my baby, we're going to bring gifts," Evans said.

The church where Vicknair was baptized, became a place for final goodbyes-- but also a reminder not to focus on her death, but on the life she lived, that continues to give.

“Don’t mistake the end of Lyndsey’s chapter as the end of this story. If you just lean into the plot of this story, you’ll find the next chapter’s characters in Kenzi, Kairo, and Kya. Lyndsey’s legacy lives on," said another church member.

Round Rock Police have arrested a 17-year-old in connection with the shooting that left Vicknair and one other dead, and injured more than a dozen others.

Police said they expect more arrests and charges.

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