Judge Orders Seized Car Back to Family as Investigation Into Son's Death Continues

A Collin County judge ordered that a car return to a family whose items were seized in the investigation into the death of their 10-year-old son.

Judge Scott Becker ordered the return of a Lexus sport utility vehicle to the Dhawan family by May 30 at noon. If the vehicle is not returned, a Lexus dealership or the City of Frisco will pay the costs of the loan and any rental fees.

It was a victory for the Dhawan family who've been struggling for four months to have items seized in a search of their home returned.

In February, Pallavi Dhawan was charged with murdering her son, Arnav Dhawan, at their Frisco home.

The Collin County medical examiner ruled the cause of death inconclusive, but indicated it was not a homicide and there was no evidence consistent with murder.

Arnav Dhawan was born with a brain disorder and his autopsy said his death could have been the result of a seizure, causing a heart attack.

Sumeet Dhawan expressed gratitude that his family will get their SUV back, but said he will continue to fight to clear his wife's name of murder charges.

He urged the Frisco Police Department to bring the case to prosecutors and let a grand jury hear the evidence or dismiss the charge.

Frisco's police said this is an open investigation. Prosecutors said they still haven't been presented the case.  

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