Price and Caraway Speak Out After Brawl

Less than 24 hours after a fight broke out between Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and Dwaine Caraway, both men took to the airwaves to apologize for their behavior.

"Let me just say I am embarrassed for our community. You know, I need to apologize to our community," John Wiley Price told K-104 on Tuesday morning.

"At the end of the day, that is not my character. That is not my behavior," Dwaine Caraway told listeners on The Ticket.

A third candidate in the Commissioner's race, Micah B. Phillips, released new video of the incident on Tuesday. The video appears to show Price reaching for the throat of a Caraway campaign employee.

"I’m just saying Dwaine Caraway is lying. He is a liar," said Philips.

Philips said Caraway instigated the whole thing, but Caraway insisted he had no other option.

Dwaine Caraway says he lost his cool while defending the constituency during a shared radio appearance Monday with Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price that led to a physical scuffle.

"When any person is being bullied, when any person is being accosted, whomever is in that room – whatever position you may hold – you are going to do something about it," said Caraway.

Police were called to the radio station and are investigating the incident.

Both candidates agree it was a sad day for the Commissioner's race less than one week before the election.

Censored video of the altercation that broke out Monday between Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and Dwaine Caraway.

"Other people want to see this stuff stirred. But. you know. unfortunately there just seemed to be a meltdown yesterday and we're all worse for it," said Price.

"I want to apologize to any and everyone who lost confidence in me," Caraway said in an afternoon news conference.

Bystanders record two different angles of a fight that broke out between Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price and Dwaine Caraway, Monday, Feb. 21, 2016.

A fourth candidate in the room at the time, Cedric Davis, told The Dallas Morning News he was disappointed the fight broke out at a time they all should have been dealing with important issues for southern Dallas.

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