Jobs You Can Get Now? You Bet

Despite all the news about layoffs and other gloomy predictions, the Dallas-Fort worth area is still faring a lot better than other major areas when it comes to jobs.

According to Buffy Peschka, of, fewer jobs are available now than at this time last year. But there are still a lot of openings across the area.

"The reality is there are jobs out there," she said. tracks and lists local jobs. According to the Web site, people looking for work can find part-time, full-time, seasonal and permanent positions at all pay levels.

"Here in Dallas-Fort Worth, we are lucky in a sense," Peschka said. "The unemployment rate is still below the national average."

For instance, Tom Thumb grocery stores are looking to fill about 90 positions, ranging from cake decorators to store managers to produce managers.

Seasonal business is heating up at a Sear's repair facility in Garland.

"We repair all the lawnmowers, weed whackers for all the Texas market, and we are in our seasonal hire," manager Sharon Whitfield said.

Even local cities such as Fort Worth, McKinney, Allen and Grand Prairie are looking for people in various fields.

"One position that they are continuously hiring for are police officers, and obviously there's an application process and training involved with that," Peschka said.

Peschka said job seekers shouldn't get discouraged if they don't find listings that are exactly what they're looking for.

"Maybe the job that's available is not the job that you were just laid off from or that you've been doing for the last 10 or 15 years, so you might have to look at those positions where your skills from your previous career can be transferred to another field," she said.

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