JFK Motorcade Scene for ’11/22/63′ Filmed in Dallas Thursday

Mini Series Recreates JFK Motorcade, shuts down Dealey Plaza Remake of Stephen King's "11/22/63" is being filmed in downtown Dallas.

Thursday the film crew recreated the iconic scene of President Kennedy's motorcade as it moved through Dealey Plaza.

It's the day people associated with the mini series "11/22/63" have been waiting for. And, for a completely different reason, it's the day anyone who drives through downtown Dallas has been waiting for. For the latter, it means downtown roads are about to reopen and detours are about to go away. For the film crews, it's the day they're shooting the climactic and iconic shots of President John F. Kennedy's motorcade through Dealey Plaza.

Cell phone video of the reenactment of the JFK motorcade scene for Stephen King’s mini-series, “11/22/63.”

The series hired hundreds of extras. The majority of them are from North Texas. All of them are outfitted with very detailed 60s-era clothing. Local car clubs were invited to enter their vintage cars to serve as backdrops to add to the authenticity.

"I have a 1963 Impala and a '64 Impala. They're my babies," said Don Norris of Arlington.

Filmmakers will shoot the iconic JFK motorcade scene in Dealey Plaza Thursday for the upcoming miniseries, 11/22/63.

The extras and actors started their day with a 5 a.m. call time.

"You do wardrobe first, then hair and makeup and you get checked and they put on jewelry and everything else," said Brittany Green, an extra from Dallas.

True to any movie shoot, the day proved to be a long one, full of starts, stops and restarts.

Chopper 5 captures video of Dealey Plaza, which was transformed and blocked off in places for the filming of a miniseries starring James Franco.

"It's worth it," said Green. You get to almost go back in time. You get to work on a real set with real directors. it's great. I love it."

The mini-series stars James Franco. The actor could be seen at various parts of the day working through scenes.

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