Jerry Jones Supports Jason Garrett, Dak Prescott

A few players muttered to no one in particular as they walked, shoulders slumping, into the loser's locker room.[[459650663,R]]

Others spoke in hushed tones; Cole Beasley fidgeted with his helmet.

Five games remain in the Cowboys' season, but the players know they won't make the playoffs. Even if they don't say it publicly, their body language speaks loudly.

Los Angeles 28, Dallas 6.

Another game, another blowout. That's three in a row by at least 20 points.


Think about it: A team that began the season with Super Bowl aspirations is essentially out of playoff contention before Black Friday.

The Cowboys have lost four games this season by 20 points or more, and just like their previous two losses, the Cowboys were blown out in the second half.

Los Angeles led 3-0 at halftime and 16-0 entering the fourth quarter as the Cowboys extended their pathetic streak without a touchdown to 10 quarters. In the past three games, the Cowboys have been outscored 72-6 in the second half.

Clearly coach Jason Garrett has no answers. Neither does defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli or play-caller Scott Linehan.

Dallas Cowboys Fall to 5-6 on the season after a 28-6 loss on Thanksgiving. For more video, visit <a href="http://www.dallascowboys.com"target="new" rel="noopener noreferrer">DallasCowboys.com</a> and <a href="http://www.nfl.com" target="new" rel="noopener noreferrer">NFL.com</a>.

So none of us should be surprised the Cowboys keep getting blown out.

The surprise, frankly, is owner Jerry Jones' demeanor.

He made it clear Thursday after the game that's he not contemplated firing Garrett in any way, shape or form, though you have to wonder how much that has to do with Garrett having three years and $15 million left on his contract.

"No. Just no," said Jerry, when asked if was thinking about a coaching change.

"Again, I don't step out of the dressing room and evaluate the coaching position at all. Candidly, and I don't even want to say it so that somebody might repeat it. Absolutely not."

Jerry actually has a difficult time answering the question because he doesn't want it to seem like he's giving Garrett and his staff a vote of confidence.

Besides, the reality is Jerry hates paying dudes not to work.

That said, sport is fluid and it's anybody's guess how much public embarrassment it will take for Jerry to jettison Garrett because you know some NFL owners are throwing back shots and giggling at this string of Cowboys' blowouts and texting their fellow owners about how Jerry should be a more concerned about his coach and quarterback than Commissioner Roger Goodell's salary.

Still, if this free fall doesn't stop, it's an indictment of Garrett and the coaching staff, and Jerry is going to eventually demand somebody's coaching whistle.

"Obviously, we've got to get it right," Garrett said. "That's my job. That's our job as a coaching staff."

Time is quickly running out on the season, Ezekiel Elliott still has three games left on his six-game suspension and the Cowboys have provided no tangible evidence they can win without him or linebacker Sean Lee, who has missed the past three games with a strained hamstring.

Dallas plays Washington on Thursday, followed by road games against the New York Giants and Oakland Raiders. They're certainly winnable games, considering none of those teams are above .500, but this is a team in disarray.

The Cowboys knew their season was on the line Thursday, which is why Jason Witten spoke to the team earlier and delivered a strong message about the importance of this week to the offense.

It didn't help one iota because the game has never been about pep talks and speeches. It's always been about blocking, tackling and physicality.

Los Angeles out-gained the Cowboys 515-247, and quarterback Philip Rivers passed for 434 yards and three touchdowns. Receiver Keenan Allen caught 11 passes for 172 yards and a touchdown and Rivers completed eight passes for 20 yards or more.

Dak Prescott passed for 179 yards with two interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Dez Bryant caught three passes for 37 yards and no impact, while Beasley had his customary two receptions for 19 yards.

Ask Jerry if he thinks the Cowboys can still make the playoffs and he says, "Yes. Yes, I do, because I think we've got players that have played at a high level, won games."


Then again, Jerry has always lived in a world of gum drops and lollipops when it comes to the Cowboys.

Prescott, the second-year quarterback, is more realistic. Asked if he were frustrated, Prescott said, "Very."

Ever been this frustrated before?


"Like I said, "It's where you have to dig deep and find that self-pride and that will and that want. It's how much you care for each other, this team and the game of football."

That sounds like a man who knows the playoffs are no longer an option.

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