Jenny The Elephant Meets New Friend

The Dallas Zoo's Jenny the Elephant, who has been alone since her companion KeKe died last year, has finally met her new African elephant friend.

Gypsy arrived at the Dallas Zoo in March, but was quarantined for several months.

"Although we think they may have been communicating with each other vocally across zoo grounds for the past couple of months, this is the first time they've met physically,"  said Chuck Siegel, deputy director for animal management at the Dallas Zoo.

Siegel said he believes the pair will get along perfectly.  

"This morning, when they met each other, they trumpeted, they touched each other with their trunks, (and) Gypsy showed various behaviors indicating that when they develop their hierarchy, she's willing to let Jenny be the boss," he said.   

Siegel said the pair relaxed around each other, but will be separated by cables for the next few days. After that Jenny, 33, and Gypsy, 27,  will be free to roam.

Gypsy, Jenny and two other elephants will be part of the new "Giants of The Savanna"  exhibit that will open up next spring.

Animal rights activists have been asking the zoo to retire Jenny to a sanctuary in Tennessee. Jenny has been at the zoo for about 22 years.

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