Jenna Bush Hager One-on-One With Meredith Land

She's a Texan, a former President's daughter and she's raising a young family in Manhattan, all while launching a new show on NBC! Meredith Land flew to New York City to talk to Jenna Bush Hager on the set of the fourth hour of TODAY, a day she announced to the world, she's expecting her third baby.

"I thought for sure it would be a third girl and we would have been just as happy but it's fun to have a little man in our life. It's the first boy grandson on both sides so he will be, I hope he will be well behaved and hilarious," Bush Hager said.

In a recent interview with former President George W. Bush, Meredith Land ask him about his future grandson.

"I’m looking forward to little George’s arrival," said Bush. "You think it will be George?" ask Land. "No, but I’m gonna call him George," said Bush.

Also new, the show she now shares with Hoda Kotb, something she says looking back, she never dreamed would happen.

"I know! What is that about? I didn't, but it feels so right."

Bush Hager cut her teeth at NBC as a traveling correspondent. Almost 10 years later, she's landed a very high profile gig.

"I think my whole life, Barbara and I both, worked excessively hard. We would never want anybody to think that we didn't deserve to be where we are but I've worked here for 10 years and I've worked really hard so I don't feel like it's undeserved."

The show, based in the heart of New York City, she says provides some normalcy for her family.

"I am grounded a lot more. I get to pick up my daughters from school and be there and I think the timing feels right to be in New York more often."

But raising her girls in the big apple, she admits, is far different from her childhood in Texas.

"I think it's all about how you raise your kids. To be kind, compassionate and empathetic. That you can do anywhere. Texas is where my heart is for sure and in so many ways I am a homesick Texan but New York is starting to feel like home, too."

When asked what she misses most about Texas, without hesitation Bush Hager says, "The food. I am a queso addict and especially with this baby."

Bush Hager gets back to Dallas often to visit her parents, President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush often. The family also meets at their ranch in Crawford. Moving home to Texas, though will have to wait.

For the woman with the unique ability to be the girl next door and also bring the world perspective she gained as First Daughter, Jenna says she's right where she belongs. She credits her parents for giving her the confidence to step into this spotlight.

"We had a really normal childhood and we weren't raised to be really anything but ourselves and I think that allows freedom and just being who we are."

I’m looking forward to little George’s arrival.  (M) you think it will be George? (B) No, but I’m gonna call him George.
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