It's Snake Season in Texas' Rio Grande Valley

Some say that our warm weather means that snake season in the Rio Grande Valley.

The truth is that South Texas weather makes it so that it is snake season all year long. It turns out that warmer seasons bring more people outdoors and thus snake encounters increase. We spoke to a snake expert to describe what you should do if you happen to spot more in the outdoors.

"It's great subtropical climate for them, and that is what they like. But the good news is that only three of those are venomous. The chances of encountering a venomous snake are pretty rare," said snake expert Clint Guadina.

With over 34 species of snakes, how does the average person distinguish between a dangerous one?

"My recommendation is if you encounter a colorful snake that looks like this leave it be, let it go on it’s way and don't try to harass it," said Guadina.

Like most animals snakes are afraid of humans. But not all snakes are dangerous. Some are said to be valuable to our region. Such as the Texas Bull Snake, they look like rattlesnakes, but they’re non venomous. They are also good to have around because they eat rodents and other snakes.

"Snakes are a valuable asset to the ecosystem. They’re becoming rarer and rarer cause people like to kill them and run them over. And just enjoy them," said Guadina.

Enjoy them, but from a distance. If you are ever bit by a venomous snake seek medical help immediately. Do not run as it could increase the spread of venom in the body. Do not drive yourself to a hospital because you may enter a state of paralysis while driving.

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