It's Move-In Day at the University of Texas at Arlington

In just a few days classes will begin at the University of Texas at Arlington for the fall semester, and before that happens students will need to be back on camps.

Monday morning was Move-In Day for about 6,000 students who live in campus residence halls.

"I am excited, but it was really sad to leave my family," said UTA freshman Jacqueline Irbota. "I am really far away, so I am really nervous."

More than 500 faculty, staff, and student volunteers came to help the new students move in.

"They tell us where their car is," said student volunteer Alexa Stickler. "We get all their stuff. We put a sticker on it to show which room there in, and we just move their stuff into their room."

For many this is the first time they are living on their own, so some of them brought a lot of stuff.

"I brought a lot of clothes," said Irbota. "My mom told me not to bring the winter clothes, and I was like I need my winter clothes."

"I brought almost everything, kitchen sink, all of that," said UTA freshman Christian Hoermann. "Microwave, fridge, what not."

Most of the students we spoke with were excited about this new chapter in life. It was the parents who were having the most difficult time saying goodbye.

"Terribly nervous, going to miss him," said parent Michele Merryman. "Trying not to cry. I'm excited for him. I think it's going to be a good adventure."

Classes at UTA start on Thursday.

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