It's Gone — 123456789

This is silly, but it's harmless fun on hump day.  Just after 12:30 p.m., at precisely 12:34:56, a interesting moment in time was observed that only occurs once every 100 years, or maybe twice if you don't use military time.

For only a fleeting second, it was 12:34:56 on 07/08/09.  123456789 ... get it? (Aside: Don't henpeck me and say I'm 2000 years late to the dance and that this date occurred 2000 years ago in the year 9.  Unlike the Mayan calendar's doomsday prophecy, this is just for fun.)

This moment in sequential history actually happened twice Wednesday, but we were all likely sound asleep when the first opportunity passed just after midnight.  The second opportunity during the lunch hour, at 12:34:56 p.m.

I am not the only geek observing this occurance.  Social networking sites are all a'twitter with the buzz and a countdown clock is, of course, available on the Internet.

After wading through some of the posts I became curious what other notable happenings have taken place on July 8, xx09.  According to, the first pro baseball game was played under lights on July 8, 1909.  Also on that date, the British government agreed to meet with women to discuss suffrage.  On July 8, 1709, Peter 1 of Russia defeated Charles XII of Sweden -- ending Sweden's role as a major power in Europe, according to a notation on Wikipedia.

Interestingly enough, in Europe this moment happens not today, but in August. Across the pond they commonly place the day before the month -- so to Londoners, they can celebrate at 12:34:56 on Aug. 7.

So how did you mark this monumental occasion?  Being a little superstitious, I purchased lottery tickets at precisely 12:34:56 p.m. -- after all, who couldn't use $21 million?

Though I'm not quite sure what is customary or appropriate -- we hoped you celebrated accordingly.  If you missed your chance -- there is always 4:56:00 p.m., though many would argue it's a poor substitute for 123456789.

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