It's Back: Triple-Digit Heat

Outdoor activities again less popular as DFW ties 1980 record for most 100+ degree days

The summer heat is back.

Monday's high of 103 is the 69th day this year North Texas has hit a high of 100 degrees or hotter. North Texas has now tied the 1980 record for the most triple-digit-heat days in a year.

And the hot weather is not done -- North Texas will likely break the record on Tuesday, with an expected high of 105 degrees.

The return of triple-digit temperatures left area parks and trails empty Monday, just as they were through most of the summer.

Fort Worth's Trinity Park was packed on Labor Day, which had 80-degree temperatures. But one week later, most of the park's trails, picnic tables and playgrounds were empty.

The basketball court beneath the Henderson Street Bridge was busy with jump shots and rebounds as Jimmy Mata and his friends played in the heat, unaware of the record or how high the mercury rose on Monday.

"That's good to know so we don't go out in the sun," Mata said. "But you got to stay hydrated, drink some water and stay cool."

But the high heat left some afternoon visits to the park cut short, especially for younger children.

"We were actually just about to leave," Jeremy Joel said. "We brought the kids out to get of the house, but it's just too hot to be out. They can't swing because it's too hot. They can't slide because it's too hot."

The Duck Pond is usually an active place, but only Charlie Najera and his family were out feeding the ducks.

"It's a little hot, but you got some shade around here so it's not too bad," he said.

The good news is, a weak cold front should bring some relief late this week.

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