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It’s a Girl! Dallas Zoo Reveals Gender and Name of New Baby Hippo

NBC 5 News

The Dallas Zoo can now say with certainty, it's a girl.

The zoo revealed the gender and name of its new baby hippo Friday.

Zookeepers call the calf "Adanna" (pronounced uh-donna) -- which means "father's daughter" in the Nigerian Igbo language.

The name is a tribute to the calf's father, Adhama, who died suddenly last fall. The zoo said his cause of death was heart-related complications from a viral infection.

"Adanna" is three weeks old, the Nile hippopotamus was born May 14.

She's stayed very close to her mom, so it took a while for the zoo to confirm her gender.

Adanna and her mother, Boipelo, made their public debut last Saturday and have become a crowd favorite at the Simmons Hippo Outpost.

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