Italy H.S. Parents Take Concerns to School Board Meeting

Concerned parents came to the Italy ISD school board meeting Thursday night looking for answers, days after shots rang out at their high school.

"I would personally like answers as to why this occurred to begin with," said Garrett Caudle, a parent whose children will attend Italy High School.

Monday morning, a classmate shot 15-year-old Noelle Jones six times at Italy High School, authorities say. Noelle is recovering in the hospital, while the 16-year-old suspect faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

"The school board, including the superintendent, was well aware of what this child was capable of," said Caudle, one of several parents who suggested the teenage suspect had behavioral issues in the past.

"The basic thing I want to know is how can we help, because clearly something didn't work," said parent Susan Harris.

"I'll do everything I can legally do to assure you that my team is doing what they're supposed to do," said Italy ISD Superintendent Lee Joffre. "I love your kids, my staff loves your kids, and I love my staff."

Others praised the school's response to the active-shooter emergency. Charles Hyles works for Dallas Fire-Rescue, but was in Italy when the shots rang out. He helped treat the victim at the scene.

"It's obvious to me this school was prepared," Hyles said. "Many kids are safe today because of your actions. Anyone saying differently and wasn't here are ignorant to the facts."

"It's a small town, it came as a shock and we handled it great," said parent Heather Rains. "But we can also handle it better."

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