White Rock Lake

Is Someone Stealing Geese from White Rock Lake?

People who live near White Rock Lake say someone is stealing their geese.

They say a man recently pulled up to Sunset Bay – the goose gathering spot – grabbed one by the neck and shoved it into his vehicle.

Regular visitors to the lake say several geese have gone missing recently.

Some want the park department to establish Sunset Bay as a bird sanctuary, but park department staffers say that might not be the right plan.

They say the birds should be migrating but stay because they get regular feedings from humans.

They are asking residents to call 911 if they see anyone trying to take or abuse an animal on park property.

In a statement Wednesday, Oscar Carmona, assistant director of Dallas Park and Recreation, said: "Dallas Park and Recreation proactively engages in conserving our city’s native wildlife and flora, green spaces, and ecosystems. The Department continually asks the community’s help in protecting the city’s ecological systems and the health of the flora and fauna on park property."

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