Is It Ever Ok to Cry at Work?

Is it okay to cry at work? And what do you do if you can't hold back the water works?

Experts talked with NBC News and shared these ideas.

First - take a moment. If you feel the tears coming on, excuse yourself and head to a private space until you can collect your thoughts and emotions. Next - prepare.

Think about your upcoming review or meeting and rehearse what you'll say -- beforehand.

Experts suggest saying something like, "I know I'm crying - it means I'm really vested in this topic. Please continue."

You can always bring it up ahead of time too.

Tell your boss or coworker, "I want to let you know I tend to have emotional reactions and I cry easily. I want your feedback. You may have to give me a few minutes."

Also get plenty of rest. People who don't get enough sleep react with more emotion and decide if you want to apologize.

Crying could make others feel uncomfortable and it can come off as disruptive.

You can handle the situation by apologizing -- if you feel the need.

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