Irving Waitress Stabbed at Denny's, Estranged Husband Arrested

The woman was rushed into surgery in critical condition after the attack

Irving police have arrested a man accused of stabbing his estranged wife, while she worked at Denny’s Restaurant Tuesday morning.

Investigators took Thomas Parker, 54 of Irving, into custody.

The stabbing happened around 1:30 a.m. at Denny’s, 4115 Airport Freeway, Irving. Customers and coworkers helped track him down.

"I heard someone screaming," said Denny’s Manager Diane Couturier. Couturier had been working in the office, when she heard her waitress's cries for help. Couturier ran out of the office and says she saw Janet Parker, 61, being stabbed in the chest. "She was on the couch screaming, ‘'don't, don't, don't," said Couturier.

Police says Parker's estrange husband had been holding the knife. Couturier says she knew the couple had been having problems, but never imagined this violence could spill into her work place, at a family restaurant, in front of stunned coworkers and a half-dozen customers. "I was shocked. Oh my God, in my store. He just walked in and started stabbing her," said Couturier.

Couturier said when she stepped in, thankfully the stabbing stopped. "He was just a man in rage. I don't know what he would have done. When he saw me, he took off out the door," said Couturier.

Witnesses weren't going to let Parker get away. As he ran out of the restaurant, the manager said she gave a customer her cell phone. That customer called 911 and reported the stabbing suspect was heading over the bridge. He ran right into police custody. Officers said they also found the knife used in the stabbing.

"They got him and everything in custody. Hopefully, God willing, it'll be a long-time before he ever gets out," said Couturier.

Coworkers tried to comfort the bleeding waitress. "She just kept yelling, 'it hurts, it hurts,'" said Couturier.

Rescue crews rushed her to Parkland hospital and into surgery. Parker is expected to recover from this very unexpected attack.

"Just keep her in my prayers. She's one of my servers and is a good lady. She doesn't deserve what she got," said Couturier.

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