Irving Police Share ‘Guide to Phone Apps' With Parents

Police encouraged parents to communicate with their children about online activity

Most adults know about Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. But what about Line, Hide it Pro, Whisper and Kik? The Irving Police Department offered parents a helpful graphic Tuesday to learn about the various social media their children might be using, and they posted it where the kids will never see it -- on Facebook.

Irving police stressed the importance of communication between parents and children when it comes to social networking safety. They urged parents to ensure their children know never to share personal information and not to interact with strangers online.

The graphic highlighted the most popular apps first, grouping Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Tumblr into the top category. It also made sure to include apps that are disguised as something else. For example, Hide it Pro, looks like a music managing app and Calculator+ looks like... a calculator.

To help parents keep track of their kids' social media activity, Irving police offered list of phone monitoring and family locator apps. The monitoring apps were Bark, Qustodio, WebWatcher and Eset, while the locator apps were Life360, GPSWox, Glympse and Sygic.

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