Irving Police Report Suspected Flasher

Irving police are on the lookout after a man allegedly exposed and touched himself while driving near a female pedestrian.

Taylor Smith said she was walking Thursday afternoon along the popular path by Hackberry Creek Country Club on Parkridge Boulevard by West Royal Lane when the alleged incident took place.

She said a man driving a white Nissan Altima pulled up, rolled down the window and exposed and touched himself.

“I just preceded to walk, and he wouldn't go away. And he was screaming vulgar comments, and I looked again and he was touching himself,” said Smith.

The car took off, but then made a U-turn and returned, where the man did it again.

“So I began to get louder, screaming, ‘Get away from me, get away from me!’” Smith said.

Smith and Irving police provided NBC 5 with pictures of the alleged flasher's getaway car.

“I couldn't get my hand to stop shaking, so I just took several blurry photos,” explained Smith.

Now, on this Halloween night, Smith is haunted by the man's image.

“I'm definitely afraid to go to store by myself, because he made a comment he was following me. So I've just been extremely afraid,” Smith explained. “My mind has been elsewhere; couldn't really focus at work. I've just had anxiety.”

Police described the suspect as a man between 25-35 years old with facial hair on his chin, and a thin build.

If you know anything, give Irving police a call.

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