Irving Police Consider Grapevine Hidden Video Suspect Connections

Irving police are reviewing circumstances that link a Grapevine suspect to disguised video recorders recovered in Irving.

Andrew Boden, 64, was living and working near locations in Irving where the hidden video devices were found in women’s restrooms before he was identified last week as a suspect for placing a similar device in a women’s restroom at a Braum's restaurant.

An image of Boden was recorded on the device recovered May 23 from the Braum’s restaurant at 1300 South Main Street.  Grapevine police used that video to identify Boden. 

"Certainly a crime of this nature is not common and we want to make sure we do our due diligence to see if we can link him to any of those instances,” Irving Police Officer James McLennan said.

The devices in Irving were discovered in February in women’s restrooms at a Belt Line Road apartment complex and a Starbucks on MacArthur Boulevard. In August 2013, a video recording device was found at a Corner Bakery Restaurant on MacArthur near Interstate 635.

On May 30, records stated that police found Boden working in an office at 5205 N. O’Connor Boulevard and living at a Candlewood Suites Hotel at 5300 Green Park Drive, both in Irving.

The records stated that police recovered surveillance video from the O’Connor Boulevard office building showing Boden entering a women’s gym.

He was arrested and released from the Grapevine jail on $2,000 bond.

McLennan said proof of a crime in each case requires identifying a perpetrator and victim.

“The device itself is not illegal," McLennan said. "There’s a legitimate use for a lot of that stuff, but the manner in which it is used in this particular case is illegal. So yes, we need victims and we need cooperating victims."

Irving police are trying to locate witnesses to identify the person responsible for placing the devices and for victims who may have been recorded in the video.

Boden is no longer staying at the hotel or working at the office were police found him and he could not be located for comment. 

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