Irving Officer's Body Cam a Sobering Reminder of Texas' Slow Down, Move Over Law

Body cam footage from an Irving police officer serves as a sobering reminder of Texas' Move Over Law.

Since 2003, Texas has required drivers to move over or slow down when approaching emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road with lights activated. The goal of the law is to keep first responders and others working on the side of the road safe from passing traffic.

The video shared by Irving police shows footage from an officer's body cam where he had to jump over a highway railing to avoid being hit by an oncoming car that slammed into his parked motorcycle.

In the video, the officer, who was not injured, can be heard asking if the driver that hit his motorcycle is OK after the collision.

The video serves as a good reminder of the state law that requires drivers either to one of the following when approaching a stopped emergency vehicle:

  • Vacate the lane closest to the applicable vehicles stopped on the side of the road (if the road has multiple lanes traveling in the same direction), or
  • Slow down 20 mph below the speed limit. (If the speed limit is below 25 mph, the driver must slow down to 5 mph.)

The Texas Department of Public Safety said "violations of the law can result in a fine of up to $200; the fine increases to $500 if there is property damage. If violators cause bodily injury, they can be charged with a Class B misdemeanor, resulting in possible jail time and a maximum fine of $2,000."

The DPS said preliminary data from 2017 showed the DPS issued more than 10,650 warnings and citations to motorists violating the Move Over/Slow Down law.

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