Irving ISD Conducting Earthquake Drills in Schools

Earthquake drills to join regular fire, tornado drills

Due to the number of small earthquakes rumbling through Irving in recent weeks, the school district found it prudent to teach students and faculty what to do to stay safe when the ground starts to shake.

On Wednesday, The Irving Independent School District said they would be teaching teachers and students alike to "drop, cover, hold on" during an earthquake.

Irving, of course, has been the location of an earthquake swarm in recent days and the site of nearly four dozen small quakes since last fall. Most of the quakes have been in the 2.0-magnitude range, though a few have rated significantly higher at 3.5 or 3.6.

Earthquake experts say most people won't notice the smaller quakes, but the two larger ones were felt widely across North Texas Tuesday. Still, most scientists agree a quake of 5 or higher is generally required before significant damage is expected.

The district Wednesday included a video being used to illustrate to students how to seek cover under their desks, how to cover their head and remain there safely in the event of an emergency.

Going forward the district said they will conduct earthquake drills in the same way they do fire drills and tornado drills.

A group of scientists from Dallas' Southern Methodist University is looking into the quakes to determine if they are being induced by something or if they are naturally occurring.

Eleven quakes have been recorded since Tuesday morning. Since 2008, more than 100 quakes have hit North Texas; 45 were in the Irving area alone and more than 20 happened in just the last three months. Before 2008, only one earthquake had ever been recorded in that area.

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