Irving Investigators: Teenage Girls Held Against Will, Sold For Sex

Irving Police have arrested a man and woman they say held two teenage girls captive for months, selling them for sex.

Investigators say America Anderson and Deanshu Gupta used online sites to match the girls with men, then taking them to DFW area motels to meet the men.

“The two suspects were conducting their prostitution by using these online sites,” said Officer James McLellan.

The oldest girl, was kidnapped from California when she was 17, according to investigators. Last week, police said she was able to escape while at a Dallas motel and make contact with police. The girl then allegedly led investigators back to Anderson and Gupta’s home where investigators said they found a 16-year-old victim.

“Do I feel bad, I feel terrible, I wish somebody would have given me a hint,” said neighbor Linda Kaplan, who lives just two doors over from where the girls were being held.

Anderson and Gupta remain behind bars and are charged with multiple human trafficking and prostitution felony charges. Irving Police say the case remains active and there could be additional suspects and victims.

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