Irving House Race Will Determine Balance of Power

On election day, just 29 votes separated republican incumbent Linda Harper Brown and her democratic challenger Bob Romano.

No surprise says Johnathon Neerman, Chairman of the Dallas County GOP.  

"We assumed that all of our races were going to be tight because of the down ballot concern; the presidential election.  We knew the top of the ticket would drive out the vote, and so we assumed all over the county we would see an historic turnout," said Neerman.

Today, the military ballots widened Brown's lead to 34 votes, but the provisional ballot count was the one everyone was watching. There were 230 ballots total. Many of them were not counted, because they were not legitimate.

Representatives from both parties were watching the process to insure fairness.

Late this afternoon, we're told the election board finished their review and turned it over to the judge. The judge will then hand it over to the election administration.

"We're on standby wanting to finish this tonight. I have my staff on standby. They're engaged ready to go as soon as we get those provisional ballots turned over," said Bruce Sherbet, Dallas County Election Admistrator.

But a resolution tonight does not mean the battle is over. There's every real possiblity there could be litigation or that one of the candidates could request a recount. 


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