Irving Code Enforcement Manager Under Investigation

Irving's code enforcement manager is being investigated after surrendering dozens of animals to the city's animal shelter, including eight last weekend.

Darrell Hammond surrendered seven dogs and a cat last weekend, Police Chief Larry Boyd said. In 2011, Hammond surrendered at least 35 dogs to the shelter.

By city ordinance, Irving residents may have no more than four pets per home.

Boyd said that he recalls that Hammond was reprimanded in 2011 for a work-performance issue but said he had no idea until recently that Hammond had surrendered at least 35 dogs in 2011.

"The original investigation had to do with some on-duty issues that they were dealing with," Boyd said. "It had nothing to do with anything going on in his household in terms of what we had oversight of -- had nothing to do necessarily with animals or anything."

Loyd said Hammond and his supervisor have been removed from the Animal Services Department during the investigation. Hammond currently is performing administrative duties for the city, Loyd said.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Hammond oversaw the Animal Services Department.

The police chief also said that all of the eight animals that were surrendered last weekend were checked out and are in good health. They will be available for adoption starting Friday.

Sharon Barbosa-Crane, who has lived a couple of houses away from Hammond for more than a decade, said she hasn't noticed anything out of the ordinary.

"When you take walks and you do often hear little dogs bark, and you know that they have animals but as far as how many animals they had, no I wasn't aware of it," she said.

Barbosa-Crane said she has worked with Hammond on multiple occasions at the city and said he was always professional and helpful.

"I just think it's really unfortunate and hope that this will not have any detrimental effect on the job of a person who has served a number of years responsibly for the city of Irving," she said.

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