Irving Clock Inspired Halloween Costume Taken Down

The student from Irving who was handcuffed after his homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb has inspired a Halloween costume.

Ahmed Mohamed, 14, made international headlines this month when he was detained at his Irving high school after police believed his homemade digital clock was a hoax bomb.

The online costume company, came out with the "Clock Boy Meme Costume" but by Wednesday afternoon had deleted all tweets about it and removed it from its website.

The costume featured an aluminum case containing the inner workings of a clock including an LCD screen and comes with a NASA T-shirt, clear glasses and fake handcuffs.

The costume retailed at $79.99 and was only available for pre-order, now it's not available at all.

NBC DFW has reached out to Costumeish to ask why the costume is not available.

Costume companies are known for playing off current events for costumes each year -- offensive or not.

Other current events costumes available this year include various presidential candidates, Left Shark from Katy Perry's halftime show at Super Bowl XLIX, Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner as well as a dentist known for hunting and killing Cecil the Lion.

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