Iraq Vet Gets Keys to Renovated Home

An American hero just received a warm welcome to his new home in Garland. City leaders handed over the keys to a renovated house to Iraq war veteran Alejandro Cruzrio and his family.

"I'm just so overwhelmed by this. So happy and overwhelmed," Cruzrio said. "There are many other words I can use I'm sure to describe it but I'm just overwhelmed."

Dozens of volunteers spent countless hours fixing up the home. The City of Garland teamed up with Green Extreme Homes Community Development Corporation, the nonprofit provides affordable housing for the nation's veterans.

Cruzrio is the first veteran to get a renovated house as part of Garland's GREAT Homes Program.

Garland also partnered with corporate sponsors like Home Depot and Citibank to renovate the house. The companies donated more than $40,000 to rehab the house, and Citibank helped with the mortgage and financing.

More than 50 volunteers with Citi’s Military Veterans Network of Dallas-Fort Worth and the Home Depot Foundation worked to repair the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and install new flooring and landscaping.

Cruzrio said he's excited to be part of the Garland community, and is so appreciative of all the hard work of volunteers to turn this home around.

"I'm so thrilled to call Garland my home now," he said. "I know so many people worked this week to get everything ready. Even in the pouring rain this week, they were still outside working."

Cruzrio was wounded during his final tour of duty in Iraq before being honorably discharged earlier this year.

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