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Investigators Recreate Crash Scene, TABC Investigates Bar After Officer's Death

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North Texas investigators returned to the scene of a suspected drunk driving crash that killed an off-duty police detective.

The crash happened Saturday in broad daylight at the intersection of Boat Club Road and Rocky Point Trail in Lake Worth.

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission is also investigating whether a bar over-served the suspect who's accused of then getting behind the wheel.

Clear skies on Wednesday morning allowed Lake Worth investigators to return and recreate the crash that claimed the life of Alex Cervantes, a husband, father and Euless police detective.

“It's a tragedy. It shouldn't happen,” said Lake Worth Police Chief J.T. Manoushagian.

“This happens far too often where good folks, not doing anything wrong, on a holiday weekend, just driving through a small community and someone's series of poor decisions leads to their deaths.”

Investigators used 3D equipment and drones to map out the crash scene, which was not possible on Saturday because of rainfall.

The intersection has registered two fatal crashes in the past year.

“The crash reconstruction process is a part of every crash that involves death or serious bodily injury. This is not something that is unique to this case,” Manoushagian said.

The police chief stresses the investigation is being handled as it would for anyone else but acknowledged a special bond with the victim in this case.

“Our team responded and discovered one of our brothers dead surrounded by his family and that takes an extremely different toll,” he said.

“We still do our job and conduct our investigation but at the same time there's a lot of heartache and grief for our brother .”

Suspected drunk driver Dylan Molina remains in jail facing several charges of intoxicated manslaughter.

The 26-year-old is accused of running a red light and slamming into the off-duty detective's car, killing Cervantes and injuring his wife and boys.

One driver’s dash camera captured the crash. Video after the crash shows the suspect trying to run from the scene before being caught by a neighbor.

“We did administer a portable breath test which revealed a breath alcohol concentration of nearly double the legal limit,” Manoushagian said.  

“That is not scientific, it is a decision tool only.”

The police chief said results of a blood draw administered in the hospital are pending.

It could signal whether anyone else potentially shares some of the blame in this tragedy.

“This is an extremely tragic case,” said Chris Porter, spokesman for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

“Anytime there's a loss of life involving alcohol, the TABC investigates to determine any source of the alcohol that may have played a role.”

Manoushagian previously told NBC 5 the evidence they have collected so far points to Molina being “well overserved” at a Fuzzy's Taco Shop half a mile away from the crash site.

The TABC has joined the investigation as is protocol and has pulled bank records, surveillance video and has spoken with witnesses at the bar to investigate whether there are any potential violations.

Violators could face a suspended or canceled license to sell alcohol.

The TABC registers only one previous violation at the bar in question in 2018 for selling alcohol during prohibited hours, Porter said.

The bar has no previous violations for over-serving patrons.

“In most cases, people are doing the right thing but anytime you have one of these types of sales, we've seen the deadly consequences that can result so we do everything we can to both educate businesses and on the back end hold them accountable if need be,” Porter said.

TABC's investigation could take weeks to be completed.

The police chief said Cervantes' wife is still in critical condition but is improving.

The couple's two boys have been released from the hospital.

“Certainly our thoughts are with them and we stand ready to support them and the Euless Police Department in any way we can,” Manoushagian said.

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