Investigators: Missing Firefighter Committed Suicide

A retired Dallas Firefighter, missing since March 10, 2017 is believed to have committed suicide, according to Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

“I really feel like he, he jumped in there his self and committed suicide,” Meeks told NBC 5 news partner KRLD.

It’s Sheriff Meek’s belief that Michael Chambers jumped to his death from the two-mile bridge on Lake Tawakoni. Meek’s told KRLD that investigators were able to trace his cell phone signal to the bridge and divers may check underneath the bridge for a third time, in hopes of finding his body.

“I feel that he was harmed and I don’t think it was at his own hand,” said Suzy Losoya, one of Chamber’s daughters.

Losoya says she first heard of the suicide theory in media reports on Monday and doesn’t believe it’s a likely explanation for her father’s disappearance.

“And believe me, I’ve played everything through my head, nothing has ever made me feel, or led me to believe it was suicide,” said Losoya.

Losoya says she has hired a private detective who has been working the case since October. Hunt County investigators have not officially closed their case but do believe all signs point to suicide.

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