Investigators Hope Forensic Drawing Will Help Identify Woman Whose Skeleton Was Found by Hunters

Two hunters found the human skull and bones Dec. 29, 2018 in Weatherford

Investigators in Parker County are hoping a drawing from a forensic artist will help identify a woman whose skeletal remains were found by hunters last December.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said in a statement Wednesday that a biological profile was developed by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office and from that a composite drawing was created by a forensic artist with the Texas Rangers.

The remains were found by hunters Dec. 29, 2018 in a pasture north of Lake Weatherford off Ragle Road.

The biological profile indicated the woman was either Hispanic or Asian who stood between 4 feet 6 inches tall and 5 feet 3 inches tall and was either in her late 20s or early 30s.  The woman died sometime between 2015 and the spring 2018.

Fowler said investigators are hoping the drawing will lead to discovering the woman's identity and maybe lead to a few clues about her death.

"We are seeking a definitive identification with family members to come forward and conduct a DNA comparison," said Fowler.


In January, Fowler said investigators found what they believed to be the waist tie from a bright pink bathrobe at the scene that could have belonged to the woman.

"The possible robe tie was located in close proximity to the remains," Fowler said. "We are hoping someone recognizes it in order to help us identify the victim."

Investigators have released no new information about how the woman died. Initially they were investigating the woman's death as a homicide and included a $1,000 Crime Stoppers reward for information leading to an arrest. It's not clear if the case is still being investigated as a murder.

Anyone with information about this case or the possible identity of the female is encouraged to contact the Sheriff's Office at 817-594-8845.

Parker County Sheriff's Office
Authorities found a bathrobe waist tie in the vicinity of a human skull and bones in Weatherford on Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018.
Parker County Sheriff's Department
Investigators in Parker County hope a forensic drawing will lead to the identity of a woman whose remains were found in December 2018.
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