Investigation Finds No Evidence That Richardson Police Use Illegal Ticket Quotas

NBC 5 News

An external law firm has found no evidence that the Richardson Police Department is illegally employing quotas on traffic citations.

The law firm was charged by the City of Richardson with conducting an independent investigation in April after a Richardson police officer appeared before the City Council and alleged the use of a ticket quota policy in violation of state law.

Investigators found that while the Richardson Police Department uses statistics to determine patrol officer productivity, there was no evidence that the department requires a predetermined number of any type of activity, including traffic citations.

There was also no evidence of any disciplinary action being taken against officers who failed to issue a certain number of traffic tickets, Richardson officials said.

Richardson Police Department Chief Gary Tittle announced during a City Council meeting that several actions would be taken in response to the investigation findings.

Command staff will be directed to reinforce the Department's position that there are no ticket quotas required in the department and that a ticket quota will not be tolerated, Tittle said.

Officers will be notified that traffic stops are still an important part of their daily duties and will continue to be used, among various other metrics, to evaluate officer productivity.

Tittle also said that all productivity reports will be standardized to create a consistent form for all supervisory staff to use when evaluating officer performance.

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