Internet Service Restored for Frontier Customers in Grapevine

Service for about 50 phone service customers in the process of being restored

Frontier Communications

Internet service has been restored for Frontier customers in Grapevine after they were affected by damage to a contractor's fiber optic lines.

According to Frontier, service for about 50 phone service customers in the process of being restored.

Frontier said that under Texas law, contractors, residents, and business owners must call toll-free 811 at least 48 hours before they dig in the yard or at construction sites and have underground line locations marked.

Calling 811will help avoid damage to unseen lines while digging and prevent service disruptions, Frontier said.

Frontier's broadband routers and modems are designed to reconnect automatically when electric power is restored after a service disruption, the company said. If service does not automatically reconnect, customers can reboot their routers or modems by turning the modem's power off or unplugging the device from the wall outlet, waiting 30 seconds, and then plugging it back in.

Frontier said customers should allow two to five minutes for the device to restart.  

Customers can use Frontier's online contact page to connect via Live Chat, schedule a call back, or get information on other support services.

Customers can also chat with Frontier's customer care team via Twitter at @askFrontier.

For service disruptions, customers can contact Frontier at 800-921-8101 for residential or 800-921-8102 for business customers.  

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