Insurance Group Ranks Texas' Costliest Storms

An organization called the Insurance Council of Texas compiled a list of the most damaging storms in Texas history, based on the insurance adjusters' estimates of how costly each storm was.

Not surprisingly the top six most costly storms were hurricanes that hit large swaths of the Texas coast, with Hurricane Ike at number one.

But after that, most of the storms on the list are from thunderstorms, which produced widespread hail and/or tornadoes. Number seven on the list is the infamous Mayfest hailstorm in Fort Worth, which transformed into a massive flood event in Dallas.

And number 10 is the Dec. 26, 2015, tornado outbreak that included the EF-4 Garland/Rowlett tornado.

In fact, of the top 30 most costly storms in Texas from the list prepared by the Insurance Council, 14 of them occurred in or near the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Insurance Council of Texas
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