Insurance Companies Helping Process Tornado Damage Claims On-Site

Multiple insurance agencies have crisis teams in place across North Texas

In the wake of what may be the most damaging single day of tornadic activity North Texas has ever seen, representatives from home insurance companies are hitting the ground running to help customers process claims.

With hundreds of homes and businesses either damaged or destroyed, and millions of dollars in property loss, the process of restoring normalcy for thousands of people begins with their insurance claim.

The message from those companies to their customers is one of maintaining patience in the face of personal loss.

Ludwig told NBC 5 that his best advice for tornado victims is to itemize the property damage to your home or business and, if you haven't already, file a claim with your insurance company as soon as you can.

"If your home is a total loss, the time until you receive your settlement will realistically take, at a minimum, multiple weeks," said Brett Ludwig of Allstate.  Ludwig is leading multiple crisis response teams in the Lancaster area of Dallas County, one of the communities particularly hard hit by Tuesday's storms.

Allstate also has four mobile claim centers deployed in North Texas - RVs in which agents can process claims for customers, track the total number of customers impacted, as well as assist homeowners with filing a claim in the first place.

The mobile claim centers also allow the agents to distribute checks to customers for what they call additional living expenses - money that will help someone impacted by the tornado pay for incidental expenses while their insurance claim is being processed.

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