Installing Alarm System May Scare Burglars Away

Just having an alarm system may reduce your chance of a break-in, according to recent studies.

With the economy still faltering, police expect to see more home burglaries. And alarm companies report plenty of customers.

"Our business numbers are up," said Mark Thompson, of Smith-Thompson Security. "There's a certain sense of urgency."

Two recent studies show alarm systems do more than just alert authorities.

"We used to joke about the yard sign being out front as being deterrent," Thompson said. "We do believe, at this point, it very well may be."

Neighborhoods with an increase in alarm systems also saw a reduction in crime, according to a study at Rutgers University.

A different student at Temple University found that alarms reduce the chance of a break-in by two-thirds.

"If you're going to get an alarm, put the stickers in the window, put the sign in the yard where it can actually be seen from the street," said Todd Dearing, of Grapevine police.

The Trimmier family said their system buys them an extra peace of mind.

"With the economy how it is, we decided we probably need to go ahead and activate the alarm system we've had for six years and start getting it monitored," homeowner Janelle Trimmier said.

The systems are also becoming more popular because they're now more affordable. An average system can be installed for between $300 and $1,000.

In addition, thanks to wireless technology, alarm systems no longer require wires to be run through a home.

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