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Inside the Mystery of Plano's Starfest Music Festival

UPDATE: Plano city officials announced the termination of the contract with the promoters of Starfest Music Festival.

"We believe the cancellation of this contract is in the best interest of the City and our community," spokesman Steve Soler said in a news release.

It's billed as a pop-up music festival with a lineup that's "out of this world," but word's just taking off about a Collin County event that’s happening in less than a month. So what exactly is Starfest and can the organizers deliver?

With words like mesmerize and star-studded, Starfest Music Festival sounds legendary, but with just 28 days to go, there's still so much unknown - including the line-up.

“Just know that they're fantastic,” said Starfest co-founder David Taylor.

Taylor has a big vision for Plano's Oak Point Park September 8th and 9th.

“We'll probably have around 12 artists that are top names, top billable and they're going to be everything from country, EDM, hip hop and pop,” he said.

Taylor said eight acts are locked down. So far, only three have been announced - Lil Wayne, Flo Rida and electronic dance DJ, Artful coming in from London. He said three more could be announced by the end of the week.

Add to that about 60 local bands Taylor hopes to feature across the parking lot on the "Rising Star Stage" known now as the Amphitheater.

“We're doing 30 minute time slots up there for each band, so it will be a quick in and out so people can see a little bit of everything,” Taylor said.

Tickets prices range from an $85 general admission day pass up to $1,250 for 2-day VIP.

The crowd goal? 20,000 a day.

“We've seen large crowds. Logistically, we know that it works here,” said Michelle Hawkins, Arts, Culture & Heritage Manager for the City of Plano.

Plano is not sponsoring or promoting the event, but officials are keeping a close eye on how it's coming together.

We're constantly checking in with them now, it's almost daily,” Hawkins said.

“As far as logistics, is the concert going to happen? The answer is yes - 100%,” Taylor said.

“It’s is unusual and that's kind of a fast turnaround time for us and that really put us on guard at first but when we started looking at it we put it in that same logistics that we do for our other events and on our side of things, we can accommodate,” Hawkins said.

Recent buzz has drawn comparisons to the disastrous Fyre Fest - luxury promises that ended in a tent city, cheese sandwiches and no artists.

“They were kind of just pulling it out of a rabbit's hat. That is the exact opposite here. This is a team of professionals. It's been in the works for months now and we're just now letting people know about it, that's what's exciting,” Taylor said.

And should something happen – what’s the refund policy?

The event is rain or shine and all sales final, as labeled in the fine print at the bottom of the tickets page

“If the concert didn't happen - then 100% refund,” Taylor said.

Again, Starfest is not a Plano-sponsored event, but both sides hope that if things go well, it could be in the future.

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