One of 2 Dozen Inmates Released Early Arrested

Dallas police say they have arrested a 23-year-old man for aggravated assault, just days after he was mistakenly released from the Dallas County Jail.

Lavatray Polk, 23, was one of the more than 20 inmates released from jail because of human error that involved a new police records system that went live June 1.

Police said Polk asked to use a man's phone at about midnight Sunday while the two were standing in the 1300 block of Elm Street in downtown.

Polk then pulled out a machete and grabbed the man’s phone, according to police documents.

Police chased Polk and he was arrested soon after.

Polk was originally in jail for burglary of a motor vehicle. He now has 11 charges on his record on file with Dallas County.

None of the other missing inmates released from jail had been accounted for as of Thursday night.

Below is a list from the Dallas Police Department of all the inmates released early: 

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