Injured FW Police Officer Thanks Community at Back the Blue March

Blue was the color of choice in Fort Worth on Saturday, May 21.

Hundreds of people marched through downtown to celebrate the second annual Main Street Backs the Blue.

"When we need (police) they're there, so we need to be there whenever they need us," said Maria Alvarado with the Peace Officers Angels Foundation, which helps the families of critically injured officers.

Wearing shirts, buttons, and ribbons with a variety of messages showing their support for officers, marchers made the short trek up Main Street to the Fort Worth Convention Center where a rally was held.

There to address the crowd were Fort Worth Police Officer Matt Pearce and his wife, Laura.

Pearce was shot seven times in the line of duty in March. The community and law enforcement agencies across Texas rallied behind the family to support them through their difficult time. On Saturday Matt and Laura got the chance to say thank you.

"I always thought that I backed the blue, and I always assumed i knew what that meant, and I did it well. That was until March 15, 2016," Laura said. "Yes, Matt is a hero in a big way, but these officers are the unsung heroes, every one of them."

Sitting in a wheelchair with a bandage on his face Pearce expressed gratitude for everyone who prayed for him. He also made a big promise to his brothers and sisters in blue.

"I really have to support those who supported me. If you look around you'll see all these "Team Pearce" t-shirts. Nobody forced them to buy those. They did it because they wanted to support me. I know my family and i really appreciate it," Matt said. "I'm going to be back (on patrol). There's no doubt about it."

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