Injured Dog Receives First Ever ‘Bone' to the City of Plano

The dog who disappeared after a horrible car crash on the the President George Bush Turnpike was honored by Plano city officials Monday.

Daisy Mae ran off after she and her family were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler back in July.

Five days after the crash, volunteers from Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue found the injured lab/retriever mix on a wooded embankment not far from where the accident occurred. Daisy was injured and underwent surgery.

A family dog that ran away after a serious crash on the President George Bush Turnpike has been found alive.

Erica Cruz, Daisy’s human companion who was also injured in the wreck, as well as the volunteers who rescued Daisy were honored Monday night at the Senator Florence Shapiro Council Chamber at the Plano Municipal Center.

Daisy Mae was there, as well. She received her very own bone to the city, an award that's never been given before.

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