‘In Shock': Garland Taqueria Workers Describe Horror of Triple Murder

14-year-old suspect is still on the run, police say

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Two employees of the Garland taco shop where three people were murdered are describing the horror of what they saw and experienced.

"I was in shock that day,” said Michelle Dominguez. “I was crazy that day. I was crying, running.”

Dominguez, 17, was the manager at the Garland taqueria on Dec. 26 when police say 14-year-old Abel Acosta walked in and opened fire.

Dominguez said she never saw the shooter's face and never heard him say a word.

"The first time I just hear three shots and I was shocked and I (heard) another three so that's when I go to the floor and start running,” she said.

Dominguez said she'll never forget the sight of the three victims who died at the scene.

"And I was shocked, like, wow,” she said.

The manager of the Garland taco place where 3 people were murdered is speaking out tonight about the horror she experienced the day after Christmas. Her cousin was also working there and was the only person shot — who survived. He’s talking about his ordeal too, as police continue searching for the 14-year-old alleged shooter. Scott Gordon reports.

Dominguez's cousin, 15-year-old David Humberto, was cooking in the back when he was shot once in the chest.

He's back home now after nine days in the hospital.

"I just remember at first I heard the shot that hit me and then all the rest,” Humberto said in Spanish.

The crime has received nationwide attention, partly because of the alleged shooter's young age.

His father, Richard Acosta, is in jail on a charge of capital murder. Police say the older Acosta was the getaway driver for his son, who's still on the run.

Dominguez thinks she knows where he is hiding.

"The guy is in Mexico right now because he's Mexican, you know,” she said.

Police call the shooting spree a "targeted retaliatory attack," suggesting the young shooter was seeking revenge following a previous fight involving at least one of the victims.

Humberto said he didn't know any of them and had just moved to Garland from Mexico a month ago.

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