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In New Home, Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo Ushers in New Era

Dickies Arena is new home for historic show

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The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo ushered in a new era Friday night in its brand new home, Dickies Arena.

Many visitors saw the inside of Dickies Arena for the first time.

"This is gorgeous,” one woman said. “This is Fort Worth pride right here."

After 76 years at the nearby Will Rogers Coliseum, Dickies is the rodeo's new home -- complete with its big wraparound video screen, which promoters said is one of the biggest in the world.

"The new baby is born,” said stock show communications director Matt Brockman. “This is a historic night. First night of stock show rodeo at Dickies Arena. You know it just gives me chills thinking about it."

Parking seemed to go remarkably smoothly.

Dickies Arena has held much larger events, like a George Strait concert.

The arena's closest neighbors have complained in the past about traffic, but drivers seemed to be obeying the "no parking" signs Friday night.

Inside, everyone just enjoyed the show.

"Here we are making history tonight,” Brockman said. “It's absolutely wonderful and a lot of people have waited for this a long time and I don't think they are going to be disappointed."

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