Improving Education at an Early Age

Geared towards engaging students in reading

Dallas Independent School District has partnered with Target to help elementary school kids become better readers.

Since November, several schools throughout DISD have been holding workshops for parents focused on five elements for reading improvement. The Partners in Reading program is coordinated by the Library and Media Services Department and is based in twenty-five elementary schools. 

"The goal is to help parents of early childhood-aged students to effectively engage their children in reading activities, to build confident readers," according to Libby Daniels of Dallas ISD.

Based on information that parallels classroom lessons, the workshops also teach parents ways to help their children mature to caring, responsible adults.

The program will continue next semester and the district hopes to add more schools next year.

At the same time, 43 middle and high schools in the district have joined the list of worst schools in the state, according to the Texas Education Agency.

A school makes that list when 50 percent or more of its students fail Texas Education Agency Tests. Students who go to those schools now have the option to transfer to any other school.

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