‘Imperfect Produce' Home Delivery Launches in North Texas

Tuesday, Imperfect Produce will launch the popular home delivery services in parts of North Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano.

"What we do is we source all the ugly fruit and produce from the farm – directly to your front door at around 30 percent less than you spend at the grocery store for your produce," Imperfect Produce head of operations Neil Neufeld said. "That can be an orange the size of a grapefruit. That can be small bok choy. Maybe it’s too small. It’s all good quality."

The mission of the company is to reduce food waste.

"There are 20 billion pound of produce that goes in the trash every year and that’s about 20 percent of produce that is grown and the reason being is that it doesn’t reach the visual standards of grocery stores," Neufeld said. "So, we take that ugly food, whether it is organic or conventional and we try to get it in the hands of the customers."

It makes fresh produce more accessible and keeps it from going to waster just because it is shaped oddly.

Neufeld said not all of the produce is "imperfect."

"When you get your box, sometimes it’s just surplus. It could be a perfect meyer lemon that’s not imperfect, it’s just surplus," he said.

The company also works with local charities.

"It is really important for the communities because what we are doing is we are helping food banks," Neufeld said. "So, we are going to work with the North Texas Food Bank here in Dallas and our goals are that anything that we can’t service goes to them and therefore we are able to feed people in need."

ONLINE: See more about Imperfect Produce on their website.

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