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Immigration Protesters Demand Reunification of Parents, Children

Over 100 protesters gathered outside the Dallas Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Wednesday, demanding the reunification of parents and children at the southern border.

Last month, the Trump Administration changed their zero tolerance immigration policy, opting to no longer separate parents from their children. A federal Judge in California also ordered an end to most separations at the border.

But the most recently available government statistics show more than 2,000 children remain separated from their parents. A fact, activists and immigrant rights groups say is not acceptable.

“Families belong together, we have to stop tearing these families apart,” said one protester.

Among those at the protest was Luis Macias, who came to the United States from Mexico with his parents at the age of three.

"I'm grateful that this did not happen to me but I cannot let these people do this to someone else, someone who could have been me," Macias said.

A federal judge has set a July 26 deadline for the reunification of all parents and children.

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